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Stuff and then more stuff

I really need to start watching the Olympics... (Thanks to metron_ariston for the link!)

Slept better last night, but still not long enough. Need to eat better. Exercising is good though! I'm thinking about starting Tae Bo again. (Heck, did I spell that right? It's been a while!) I enjoyed all the punching and kicking, even though I'd never really want to hurt anyone.

(Man, IRC doesn't just make my working slower, it makes my "playing" slower, too! It's taken me 35 minutes to write this post to this point. It's so fun talking to FFXI people though! It's like a fix till I can go home and play!)

And speaking of FFXI:

Farming went either "well" or "very well" last night, depending on how you look at it.

Very well: I neither died or came close to it. (Woo!) Dhalmels had no chance against me. I started every fight with a Sneak Attack (~60 damage), then Steal, then Banish II (110 or 111 damage every single time). After that, it took 2-4 hits with my hammer to finish them off. (The darned things twitch after you kill them! So disturbing!) I think you cannot steal from a dhalmel; I tried it 30-40 times and never got one single thing.

Well: I was killing dhalmel in hopes they'd drop bones, and only one did. Out of 30-40 killed. (Ugh!) I got about seven hides, which I processed to leather in the field (so they'd stack).

Excavation was both good and bad. I did get some things I needed (bones of various types), but not many of them. There were three excavation places in Tahrongi Canyon, but were highly badly placed. One was in the very north point (that neck which leads to the maze), one was all the way south (in the maze that leads to Sarutabaruta), and one was to the side (near the crag). That meant I had to keep running from one end of the canyon to the other. Such a big zone + me on foot = Sloooooow. At first I didn't mind because I would find a point at each of the three areas, but as the night wore on, the points seemed to stop showing up. (No one else was trying for them that I could see. Few people were in the zone at all!)

If I had stopped about an hour earlier, it would have been better. Towards the end of my farming I was tired and annoyed, but kept pushing myself because I really didn't get enough stuff for the time I had put into the evening.

Oh well. Tonight I'm going to relax and just fish. Thursday night will be busy: BK is doing a ram hunt, so I'd like to help out and tan hides. Then Bas and I need to do the first part of a mission together (going into a dangerous orc place to touch a wall), then late that evening will likely be something happening with my first LS. Friday will be another down day, then Saturday is Rank 5! Woo!

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