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I hate it when I'm frantically working and the other team members wander off in random directions taking assorted breaks, so here I am to post those screenshots I mentioned!

(The first screenshot is the biggest one, the rest are small to smallish.)

* I love this one best! Know the Lion King on Broadway play? Where the people and the costumes are done oddly? There's a cheetah dancer (that's not a great shot of it, but it's all I can quickly find). Check that image, then look at me doing the same thing! FFXI on Broadway, here I come!

* Tarutaru is a race you can play. Tarus are scary little people, and are sometimes very rude! Me: ???!!! Hey, watch it there! Just what are you fishing for, dude?

* However, I went on to get my fishing revenge. If that had worked, I would have thrown him back! Right into the ocean! Ha!

* Airship bug. If you're lucky and know how to do it, you can ride outside the airship. It's fun because it looks to others riding as if you jumped over the side. (The view's not bad from out there, either!)

* Heeheehee. I love it when names fit! (Non-players: Name in grey = dead.)

* Because I'm a high level crafter, people sometimes hang around me for unknown reasons. These two cute and amusingly named little people circled me for a good fifteen minutes as I worked!

* ICly, I'm known for my brains! And my manly good looks, too! This, however, was not my best idea ever. (Do you catch more fish if you're underwater as well? No!)

* As a prize for the above goldfish scooping, you got these spirit masks. They're cool, but weren't worth the time, effort, cost of the goldfish scooping.

* Sandy is the city of the elves. They're stuck up and prissy and love their city. I finally found out why they're so loyal to the place! Sandy is MADE OF elves! Eek!
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