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You cannot protest on a Monday!

Bah. It's not even 9 AM on Monday morning, and already my brain is protesting being at work. After a sucky-as-hell week last week, I can't cope with another bad week. But guess what! Not only will this week be as bad as last week, but the next few weeks will be as well!

I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.

As soon as I finish this post, I have to make myself jump back into the awful stuff waiting for me. I'll likely be out of email/chat contact all day, unless I can't whip my brain into staying on-task.

I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.



I watched a few things over the weekend, but #11 of Samurai Champloo stuck with me the most. Gah, Jin! Love him, love him, love him. I can't even stop thinking about the ep today.

The things Jin did for her! For a stranger he didn't even know! So much! And the biggest thing? When he let the thugs from the business that owned her beat him up! I bet he did it because if he had beat them, she would have gotten in trouble for it. He's so so so so so so sweet! And so cute! And sexy! And he's so... I just want to hug him and make sure he doesn't feel bad about it! Eee!

Also watched Naruto, uh, 97? The hotsprings filler ep. I laughed quite a bit, but was still "eh" over the ep as a whole.

Wonder why there haven't been any new PoT subs out lately...


The weekend wasn't relaxing at all (more like anti-relaxing), but a lot of stuff got done. On Saturday the great and wonderful Beanie herded 20 or so cats through the Rank 5 mission. Woo woo woo! It was long, but not very hard. Thanks to all the people who helped us little people not die! The airship rocks, I'm so happy I can ride it now. :)

Sunday was a bad day. I mean, some good came of it, but I felt awful and (I can't hardly believe this) I left the game in tears twice. (See? Too much stress building up elsewhere, got released where it wouldn't otherwise have.)

Event #1: After a number of hours spent farming, I dropped a stack of leather by mistake. I had meant to drop some worthless water, but I selected the wrong item from the menu and so lost more than 10,000 gil. When I'm already poor, that's a damned painful thing.

Event #2 was worse though -- and just as much my fault. Blankety blank leather guild wanted desert boots as the turn-in item. Those boots need a yowie skin (which cost 13K for ONE skin). Yes, I should have walked away at that point, but I'm so sick of the guild turn-in system, I just want to get my gloves and be done with it. I should have realized that the Powers That Be were trying to tell me something when there were no yowie skins for sale in any of the AHs. But then I checked someone's bazaar, and they actually had one for sale! "Only" for 13,000, too! So I bought it. And I crafted it into boots. And I turned it into the guild...

...I got 1,000 points for it. Fewer points than I would get for something like fisherman boots. Desert boots cost me about 15,000 total to make, and I got fewer points than I would have gotten for boots which sell for a couple hundred. I seriously considered quitting the game and not returning, at least until I realized that there was no one to blame for this other than myself. Sure it wasn't fair, but I was the one stupid enough to do it. I am an idiot, and it cost me over 25,000 in one day.

Ended the weekend with two increases:

Clothcraft: 20 (up from 8 on Friday)
Bonecrafting: 29 (up from 20-ish on Friday)

Now back to work...
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