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My pockets are full of apples, and I can hardly sit still!

Went home for lunch and had a hard time resisting playing my current obsession, Animal Crossing. Last night, before bed, I went to Mexico and stocked up on apples, then returned to Canada. As soon as I log on after work today, I can sell them off for $500 each! 9 x $500 = a lot! I owe only 3,000 left on my house, so I can totally pay that off.


Nook is having a sale on carpets today, so I have to see if they're nice or not... BUT! The sale starts at 4 and I don't leave work till 5! Aie! Hope the other animals don't all go and buy them before me.


One of the animals scolded me for not logging on till 5 last night! I wrote her a letter explaining about needing to work to pay for the game, but she laughed at me and told me to start making sense.

Whoever made this game was too smart. The game continues no matter if you're playing or not... so if you're not there you're missing stuff! AIE! Thank god most of the animals sleep at night, otherwise I'd never go to bed.

If I was any weaker, I'd not go to work...

Sunday morning is some kind of fishing contest. Wonder if Nook will have fishing poles for sale by then...
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