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What's worse than being really sick? Being really sick and not being able to call in sick to work.

What's worse than being really sick at work? Being really sick at work and having to sit under the DAMNED air conditioner! It's 60 degrees outside! That Is Cold. And yet the AC is blasting, two vents, directly onto me.

*cries* I was cold in bed and cold in a blasting hot shower, I just want to die right now.


Same as yesterday: Do much fricking work crap to do, so won't reply at all or in a timely way to emails and such.


Are CTY dreams going to be some sort of a trend or something? I had one for the third night in a row: Beanie knew all the teleport spells, including one for a crag in the real world! So she could teleport characters out to reality or real people into the game. (I bet she could charge more than 500g for that!)


PG: I'm not sure if I'll even be on the game tonight, but if I do make it I won't be up for too much. I'll probably just sit and fish, at the very very most. (But really, unless I make great improvements during the day, I'm intending to go to bed once I get home.) Sorry!
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