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Friday - Monday.

Been quite a while since I last posted! (Eh, if four days counts as a lot to you.) While I may have felt like it at points, I didn't die! I'm still pretty darned sick (and back at work and sitting under the two frickin' air conditioner vents again), but I'm alive.

Neat trick: I weighed myself on Wednesday morning, and later that day I started feeling sick. Friday morning I weighed myself again, and had lost ten pounds! Amazing, huh? I had had only a piece of toast and a couple bites of a peach in all that time, and wasn't really drinking enough (had some tea and hot stuff, but it hurt to swallow), so some of the weight will come back, but hopefully not all of it.

Very hungry. Since I'm avoiding dairy while sick (my head is stuffy enough, thank you very much) my food choices are very limited. I had some noodles yesterday and some nuts for dinner. Very hungry now. (Heck, off to make oatmeal!)

The culling of my flist seems to have helped a little: Though I've not checked my flist since Thursday, I have "only" 250 posts to read. (250 used to be my weekend norm.) I'm going to try to trim it a little more, though I don't know where...


I have no idea what I did on Friday. Probably just coughed at the screen. Maybe I fished? Maybe I crafted? Who knows!

Saturday I... coughed at the screen! :) And fished. I fished for most of the day. (For those not in the know, I've decided to go back to trying to level fishing instead of just fishing for money.) I got two levels! Woo! (Fishing is very, very annoying to level.)

Sunday was exciting! I did stuff! And I remember what that stuff was! I started out the morning by heading off to Windy to farm. Was rather successful (and this week I didn't even drop my leather by mistake!). Then basyx sent me a tell asking if I happened to want to join an XP party. This was rather brave of him, as I always bitch and moan about not wanting to party. :) As I'd really like to get to level 36, I agreed!

Off we went (to SSG), and after a slow start, the party rocked! It was mostly LS people, with a few random strangers now and then to round things out.

While I (as the white mage) feel like any deaths are my personal fault, a number of people died and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. We had been fighting bats for a few hours and two people got one-shot killed by Jet Stream (grrr, stupid bats!). Then we moved to fight things other than bats, and got an add-on. Against two monsters we did really poorly, and one by one the party fell. Luckily a high level person came by and killed the add-on, and in the end only the random stranger Ranger and myself survived. (He had only 15 HP! Eek!)

The party lasted till about 8 PM, and I spent most of the evening after it thinking about it. For weeks (months?) I've been telling people that I don't like to party, that I don't have fun leveling up. Was that true? I thought and thought about it, and decided yes and no: Did I have fun in the party? Did I smile at any point? Laugh? No, not really. But did I hate it? No, not at all. I was happy to be able to help people (especially raising them), and it was great being able to spent time with my LS friends, but it wasn't fun. (Do you other players actually have fun killing monsters as part of a party? Do you enjoy it? Or is it more like something you tolerate to get higher levels?)

At some point in the weekend, I crafted. I actually worked on leather! It cost me almost 100K, but I got about .4 increase (which is a lot of increase for the money, at this level). I raised bonecrafting to 30-something and cloth to 20-something. I'll be happy when I'm done with leveling bone (48) and cloth (40-ish). I'm going to start alchemy next.

I'm nearly done with the leather guild turn-in system! I'm at over 50K, and I only need to get to 70K. I will be so so so so so glad to finish that!

I don't know what happened this weekend, but I've sold nothing at the auction house. Three mules, all their AH slots full, and nothing moves. Even the items which aren't being seriously undercut by others aren't selling. It's very odd!
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