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ARRRG!! My greatest wish and my worst fear! (FFXI)

From the latest posting of coming updates:

"Several key items have been added to the list of items available by trading guild points. These key items will make it possible to perform special type of synthesis."

Fuckity fuck fuck! I hope those items are nothing good! Nothing I want! I will not be pulled back into the leather guild's turn-in system again! What's that saying the mob uses? Once you're in, you can never get out? *shakes fist at leathercrafting guild* I will be free of you one day! One day!

* loneguardian, did you see this upcoming change?

"Several throwing weapons will become usable by dragoons."

Yay for you!

* Woo! Another fishing-like activity to eat more of my time. :p

"A new activity called "clamming" will becoming available on the beaches of a certain area."

I really need to get CoP pre-ordered...
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