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Is this someone's idea of a joke?

I really don't like music much. When driving in my car, I usually listen to NPR or news radio or something like that. However, there's been so much stuff about Bush lately that I've had to stop listening (I hate him, I know he sucks, I don't need to hear more about him. 'Kay? Thanks!). So that leaves music. But as I said, I don't really like music much. Haven't for years and years and years.

But then it happened.

I was flipping around stations, and one was playing a song I remembered from growing up, so I left it there and listened. And then the next song came on, and I liked it. And I liked the next song as well.

What was this magical radio station? TSTL FM? All Thistle Music, All The Time? Nope. It was an "oldies" station.

Buh? Hold on, wait, excuse me? Since when did the music I grew up with become "oldies"? Gah, you fools! It's nice to listen to! It's fun! You can understand the words they're singing! It's not sung by 15 year old mostly naked sexpots! Gah.

So I guess I'm old, huh?


I'm semi-healthier, not that my co-workers would probably agree. I keep blowing my nose often and loudly (sorry, people!). Worst part is that my ears won't pop, and haven't since sometime yesterday. Ow ow ow. Pressure!


FFXI rocked last night! I had a lot of fun, probably the most I've had in a while. I killed my first ram! (Pretend there's a screenshot here, I just didn't have time to resize and upload it.) They're really big, really ugly creatures. After that, I went off and killed his wife and kids! Much sheep death! Rarrr! (I needed their hides.) I spent many hours killing sheep, and got a lot of the things I needed. Woo!

When I returned to town, I was very (very very) happy to see that a number of things I had up for auction sold. Yay! So I decided to do some crafting for profit... and wow! Almost every single one was HQ! (Amazing!) So when all this stuff sells, I'll have even more money!

I'm semi-planning on going back to sheep killing tonight, but that'll partially depend on how much stuff sells. My bazaar is pretty full!
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