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FFXI: Month of September fishing times

New moons or full moons happening at "reasonable" times (no times during normal working or sleeping times listed), all times PST. Times listed are start times, unless otherwise noted.

9/4, Saturday, New, END 8:57 AM
9/5, Sunday, Full, 6:30 PM
9/7, Tuesday, New, END 5:36 PM
9/10, Friday, New, 7:31 PM
9/12, Sunday, Full, 11:50 AM
9/15, Wednesday, Full, 8:28 PM
9/19, Sunday, Full, END 11:50 AM
9/22, Wednesday, Full, END 8:28 PM
9/25, Saturday, Full, 10:30 PM
9/27, Monday, New, END 9:30 PM

A much better month than August!
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