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Apparently "50 new LJ posts a day" is the new number, since I have 150 to read this morning (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). This is much much better than 100 new posts a day, but still too many. I don't think I can cut more though, so maybe this is where it'll stay.

For the first time since I got sick, I went walking this morning. Even though I didn't warm up nearly enough, it went well. Coughed only a little.

Work is hard today. I can't make myself start the crap that needs doing. Oh, I did/am doing the normal part of my job, but all the extra stuff they've been dumping on me hasn't been touched yet. Sigh.

The more I see of Teen Titans, the more I like it. It's become quite the little angstfest! I especially liked this weekend's ep, with Robin wondering about where the line between good and evil is. I'm also glad that I caught some older eps I missed (I had thought that Terra was Just Bad, but Slade twisted things and got her on his side unfairly! Heehee, he's such a great bad guy!)

Gonzo (a funky anime production company) is going to be making an OVA of GI Joe! How odd and interesting is that! I wonder if it'll be in the style of the show or if it'll be anime-ish or if it'll be some totally new style? Either way, it should be fun!


Big things happened this weekend, really big things. I accomplished the second of my three main goals in the game, and I've come into endless money.

We made a LS party on Saturday, and in it I hit level 36! Woo! I was finally able to teleport! Yay! While this would have been a much more helpful thing pre-airship pass, it's still cool as heck now. Thanks to gbeans for lending me the scrolls until I can quest for my own!

The endless money thing is odd. It's good to have as much money as I want, but... it takes a lot of the challenge out of the game. I made about 600K this weekend, and spent about 350K on crafting (one level in leather, ten in bonecrafting). As I no longer need to leathercraft for money, why should I continue it? Why level it? The same holds true for clothcrafting: Why level it up to the point of profitable items if I can make so much better money elsewhere? There's no point in me crafting anymore, so now what do I do?

The one exception to that: Goal #3 in the game is to get my shades, which means to finish leveling bonecrafting (need about five more levels) and to continue with the guild turn-in.

So... what does that leave? I like the "signed fishing gloves for all CTY fishers" idea, but after I get my shades that won't take too long. I do not want to quit the game at all, but I do need some sort of goal to work towards -- money will be meaningless if all I do is make piles of it and have nothing to spend it on.

Must think more about this...
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