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Money, blackmail, digging up stuff. (FFXI)

I hit a new high point for most money I ever had... or almost hit it. I never had 400K before, but I still don't! Two failed synths meant I ended the night with 395K instead of 400K. Either is more than I ever had before, but 400K is such a nice round number! Oh well, tonight!

After I got the teleport spells, I sold teleports for a short while. (Maybe two days, tops. The trouble of selling them wasn't worth the price the buyers paid.) So I was rather surprised when Joe Randomplayer came up to me yesterday and said "YOU OWE ME 500g!!!!". "Buh?" I replied with. "Who are you?" Joe Randomplayer claimed that I took his money for a teleport but then didn't take him to Mea. Knowing that I hadn't sold any all day, I asked him when. "EARLIER THIS WEEK! YOU CHEATED ME! I WANT MY MONEY!" "Buh?" goes Thistle. I asked him why he didn't contact me after the party teleported and he was left behind. He claimed not to have remembered my name. Okay, now here's where I started getting mad. 1) There's the whole CHAT LOG that you can look at to see anything like that, and 2) "Thistle" is a normal English word, it's not like my name is Hvrhbghwbgfwagv or something! I pointed those things out to him, and all he replied with was how I was cheating and stealing money and all that. I wasn't about to give a random person money for an event I didn't even remember, so I offered him a free teleport instead. I was about to write his name down so I'd remember who he was, when he responded "OK. YOU BETTER REMEMBER WHO I AM, BITCH!". I was done being nice to him and told him the free teleport offer was for now or never. He left in a huff.

I thought that was the end of the possible attempt to blackmail, but through the day random people kept /telling me to give him his money, that I was cheating him, etc. How annoying!

The money was never the issue. I could have given him 5,000 without noticing it, but he acted like an ass and his story wasn't believable, so why give him money? (If he had said he had lost his connection, then I would have either given him money or teleported him.) *sigh* Annoying people!

So partly thanks to that and partly thanks to it not being worth it, I'm going to only do free teleports now. They make people so happy! Last night I took a girl to Mea, and she hugged me and kept thanking me over and over because she hadn't been home in a week (she didn't have the money for a teleport and was too low level to run).

Chocobo digging: Last night's digging was highly sucky. I got nothing more than a handful of crap. (And one useful log, which I gave away.) I'm using 10 stacks a night, which is about 7K worth of chocobo greens. I'm still at the longest time delay between digs (16 seconds). I started a spreadsheet to chart time, greens, what was found, etc. Hopefully it'll make for useful information for some other chocobo-diggers out there.

Thanks to Warp *hugs Warp*, I've started completing quests I couldn't do before. I cleaned all the signs in Jugner Forest (Sandy -> Teleport Holla -> buy chocobo and ride to the forest -> dismount at the sign once it's safe -> clean sign -> warp back to Sandy), and I'm intending to do the same for the weapons seller at the Jugner lake, as well as the clay turn-ins.

I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend. I like the idea of fishing a couple hours a day so I can add 50K or so to my bank, and I need to go to Rabao (to pick up water jugs as well as to dig in the deserts around it), and I should make another attempt on the teleport scroll quests so I can return Beanie's to her.

Boy, I like the game so much more now! Between being able to teleport myself, needing to find ways to spend money instead of ways to save it, and good friends, it sure is a great place to be. :)
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