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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, Christmas in northern CA, anyway! WE GOT RAIN! Woo! Rain! It actually rained this weekend! Yes, for most people that isn't something to get excited over, but it's our first rain in like seven months! I would have loved to go out and stand in it, but it was Too Darned Cold to do so. But it was still great! Rain! Yay! Woo!

I wonder if slacker co-worker will be showing up today. We start at 8. I was here at 7:45, and it's now 8:30 and he's not here. If he fails to come in today, I will be muchly annoyed. (He's not been ontime in weeks, I don't even expect that from him anymore, but eventually arriving would be a nice thing!) Edit: 8:45 and he finally arrived.

I wasn't feeling great this weekend, so I didn't do too much. Played a lot of FFXI, but even then I didn't do much. I'm still lacking a purpose in the game.

* Crafting: As the prices of raw materials have more than doubled and finished products aren't selling at all, even for much lower prices, there's no use in doing it. I'm still working towards my bonecrafting sunglasses (nearly there!), but that's it.

* DRK: I'm really enjoying playing dark knight, except that I can't! Need to wait for others to level before I can, so the party stays in the same general range. I'm strongly pondering going and playing it and then dying on purpose, just so I can play the job!

* CoP: While I'm excited about the new areas in the expansion pack, I'm also highly depressed about it. Japanese players have had access to these areas for, what, two weeks now? And now European players are now in them as well. US players have to wait until tomorrow. I hate seeing so many people selling stuff from the area when we haven't even had a chance to go yet! "It's not fair! It's not fair! It's not fair!" the two-year-old in me cries, and the adult has a hard time disagreeing.

How's this for odd? When I go to pick up the expansion pack on Tuesday, I'm going to grab a copy of the new Pokemon game as well. Yes, yes, I snickered at it when it came out, but a lot of people have said good things about it, so I'm going to give it a try. Here's the odd part: I'm actually looking forward more to Pokemon than I am to the FFXI expansion pack! I want something new. I'm tired of trying to deal with the mess of an economy in FFXI. I'm tired of dealing with kids who think the hight of amusement is emoting that they're pissing on buildings or kicking others in the "nutsac". I'm tired of spinning my wheels with no goals to work towards and nothing I really want to do. FFXI is so pretty to look at and there's so much to do (not to mention I have so many friends there!), but I'm just tired of it. Depressed by it. I feel like the game makers' goal is to stand between me and having fun on the game. That shouldn't be how it is!

Le sigh.
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