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Weekend stuff, continued!

First off, because I'm a slacker who doesn't read LJ on the weekend, I missed being able to say "Happy Birthday!" to isiscolo! Woo woo! I hope you had a great day!

The second HP movie was on HBO yesterday afternoon, and I was as powerless to resist it as I always am. Though I've seen the darned thing 40 or 50 times so far, I have to say that I still loved every moment of it. Snape being overly mad at things, Lockhart (eee, he's so funny! Loved him!), and poor Harry and Ron stuck with the spiders. I'm sure I'll get 40 or 50 more viewings out of it before I even think of getting tired of it!

On a related note: Though I've seen PoA only once, I'm not really wanting to see it again. Yes, I walked out of the theater loving it, but... the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. The darkness of the shots, the grunginess of it, the normal clothing instead of robes... where's the magic? Maybe I'll feel differently once I see it again, but I don't know. Looking muchly forward to GoF though! Mmm, Viktor!

More on FFXI: If I came across as not having fun on the game anymore, I gave a false impression. On Saturday I helped kill the Sandy dragon again, and on Sunday I did an Eco Warrior event for the first time! On Sunday we also did a giant LS quest, which was both crazy and lots of fun. Even things like randomly running around and killing stuff is fun! There's so much to do that is fun, but there are times that aren't fun, too.
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