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I'm sleeping more than usual (for me, so like 6-7 hours the last couple nights), but for some reason I'm really, really tired today. I was exhausted last night and could have happily gone to sleep at 9, but I didn't. I did go to bed an hour early, but I started the new Pokemon game, so I ended up staying awake till the usual time.

Not much to report on the game thus far. I find myself screwing myself up now and then because I think I know the options and I hit buttons too fast. (I picked the wrong starter by mistake and had to quit without saving and start over.) I went with my usual starter: Charmander. I've used him (or her, in this game's case) as my starter in every game but Yellow (where we didn't have a choice). My team is nothing to write home about: Charmander, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Mankey, and one open slot. I caught a Weedle and a Metapod, but I'm not sure what's going into the slot yet.

Unfortunately I find the game somewhat boring, but I'm hoping it may pick up. All the NPCs seem to say the same things, everything is in the same place. Graphics are spiffy (for a GB game), but ... eh. It also doesn't help that the game makes me think about a lot of MUSH stuff.

But oh well! Though it was semi-boring, I didn't want to stop playing even though I was falling asleep. (Odd, huh?) So I'm not going to toss it out or anything.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I need some time away from work and co-worker's awful music. GAH. "Lite" music is so so so bad! I'm sick of hearing women sing "sad", drawn-out, ear-piercing songs. *sobs* Make the pain stop! How can anyone willingly listen to this crap?

I watched FMA #48 this morning. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood or something, but I found it a pretty "eh" ep. After having Armstrong and his muscles in the opening, I had really high hopes for a great ep, but for me it didn't follow through. (Though Mustang continues to be The Man. He totally needs a series of his own.)

I really want to go home and be alone and have nice and quiet around me. I wish I didn't have so much to do on my upcoming vacation, I really need an extended time of being away from people.
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