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Email, weddings, etc

Catlove has now been down for two days. If I missed replying to your comment, that's why. (The Recent Comments page only lists comments in your own LJ.) Stupid down webhosting...

I did a new thing last night: Went to an online wedding! For non-FFXI players: Tons of people/characters/whatever want to get married in FFXI-land, but they only let 30 or so couples a month do it. Plus, it's seriously expensive. Getting to attend one is pretty rare!

It was held in the Hall of the Gods, which was a bitchkitty to get to. (Seriously high level monsters which aggro to EVERYTHING, including magic! So no casting sneak/invisible!) But once we made it, it was so cool to see! Giant looming dark statues everywhere!

As our LSs are pretty darned big, Fye and Mori had a ton of guests. (They even paid lots extra to raise the maximum number of guests!) It was nice that they (the GMs) cleared all the non-wedding people out of the area!

Everything went really well and looked so nice! I posted a bunch of screenshots in my CTY journal:

(And yes, I feel even more geeky now than I usually do. Online weddings!)
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