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Oh! Oh! Anime!

Silly me, forgot to mention all the stuff I've been watching!

PoT: Caught up with four of the six eps I have downloaded. Or is it three of the seven? (And *cry*, FFXI is ruining my typing! I had the first sentence "Caught up with 4 of the 6 eps..." and almost didn't go back and change it! I suck so so so so so much. If I ever go back to MUSHing, I'll never be accepted onto a good game again! *sniffle*) Anyway, PoT! While I'm not surprised at how the Ryoma match turned out, I'm somewhat disappointed. I know I'm asking for too much when I want it to be "realistic", but still! I'm also SICK of the horrible (unrealistic) tennis. How wrong is it to be watching Prince of Tennis and not wanting to see the tennis in it? It's boring! I just want to see the guys and their relationships, interactions, etc! Hopefully I'll get the last couple eps finished before the servers come back up. Maybe not though, since I have so much flist waiting for me to read.

FMA: While I haven't seen the last two eps yet, I'm sorry to hear that people are disliking the ending so much! Sorry, but not really surprised. For me it's been going sort of downhill for a while now. (See the last posts I made about it.)

I'm missing Samurai Champloo already! Months is way too long to wait for a new ep!

I have Naruto 103 downloaded, but haven't watched it yet. I hope it's better than 102! I'm told this whole arc is filler, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

Edit: Oh, I'm such a ditz todday! I wanted to make this whole post because of Trigun, then I forgot to mention it! Love it, love it love it. Cool backstory! I have no idea why I couldn't get into it the first couple tries, but I'm so happy I'm seeing it now! And being forced to see only one new ep a week is kinda keen, too. Thanks, Cartoon Network! Poor doomed, hopeless, ever-optimistic Vash!
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