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Anime (FMA end, PoR)

As there was so much I loved early and mid-way through the series, it's odd to find myself so dissatisfied with its ending. I could point to lots of little things I didn't like, but the bigger, over-arching thing is that it felt like they left it open for a FMA Part 2 on purpose. Also, very oddly, somehow the ending felt much much more like the ending of an American series instead of an anime one.

Mustang was my favorite character, yet I'm unhappy that he lived. (I think it was done more for "FMA Part Two" than for realistic story reasons.) It would have made for a better, stronger ending had he died.

Archer went from one of my favorite characters to someone I rolled my eyes at every time he appeared. It was like the Terminator stormed onto the FMA and wouldn't leave... but made worse by the whole gun-in-the-mouth thing.

I was fully ready to have Al die. I would have been sad, but it would have made sense in the story. To have him live (live and have NO painful memories at all) feels so much like cheating! Based on earlier story development, I suppose I sort of buy Ed not really dying, but still! It felt totally like cheating as well. Why do we need these forced happy endings? (Other than for FMA2?) Remember the earlier storylines? How painful deaths were? It's like they cheated and made everything easy and nice just to leave openings for another series/movie/whatever.

Even Wrath was a cheat. Why would they give him new limbs and just let him walk off? It's not like he's safe/sane to let loose out in the world...

A minor detail: In the wrapping up, they mentioned the military just GAVE AWAY power to non-military government people. BUH? BUH? BUH? Since when does a military-run country do that?

I'm really sad and surprised at how they ended things. The show had such potential and was so great early on! I'm amazed they were able to mess the ending up so badly...

I'm trying to catch up on PoT (again), so I watched a few eps today. I loved the one with Ryoma's father in America! (Other than the bad guy being a dork with ugly hair.) It was my favorite ep in a long, long time. (Minor detail: I do not believe the father should have said "mada mada dane". Before the storyline went twisting out of focus, Ryoma was trying to become better than his father. Why would he start using his father's catchphrase when he didn't even respect him?)
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