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*snicker* See? EVERYONE should read HP!

I'm rolling on the floor at this week's Teen Titans. Raven trusted a talking book! Ha ha ha ha! Silly girl likes to read, and she didn't read Harry Potter? I'd never, ever, ever trust a book that could hold a conversation with me!

Oh! And I saw a really good old TT ep during the week: It showed all the characters like 30 years in the future. Beast Boy looked so much like an animated HP Peter would! Poor, poor, poor guy. My heart went out to him!

...I think only one person on my flist watches TT, so sorry to everyone else! It's a really good show, you should check it out if you don't follow it. (Anime people: It's highly influenced by anime. The characters go chibi and such!)

(100 more flist posts to go!)
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