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People people I hate people, oh yes I do, la la la la la!

So you know the story thus far: The ditzy girls at the eye doctor's office order me the wrong brand and size of contacts. Week later (today), I have to spend my entire lunch break driving there to return them. They say they'll order new ones for me.

Office calls me just now. Says the difference in price is $120. I fall off my chair. The entire bill (visit, special machine checking thing, 6 months contacts) had cost $150, so how could switching brands be $120 extra?

Because the braindead idiot ordered me one year's worth instead of the six months I ordered and was sent last time. She claims I told her to go ahead with the year's worth. There is NO WAY IN HELL I did that, as I have decided to wear the daily contacts for two days, thus I only need six months for the year.

She tells me to hold on. She calls the contact company. She comes back on my line. "They've already been sent!" she perkily tells me. She is very luck we were on the phone and not in person, because I am VERY ready to kill someone by this point.

She's now "going to call me back to see what can be done". Did she apologize? NOPE.

Why can't people do their jobs? Do them right? Is that really too much to ask?
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