Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

RL, TV, rain!

Flist status: 100 entries read, 50 left to go! I really need an internet connection for my second PC, then I could actually read my flist when I'm on FFXI all weekend... though then I'd need a second monitor on my desk, too. Hm.

When I was a kid, I became very sad at the thought of outgrowing cartoons. Even then I loved the medium (It's limitless! Any character can do anything! New creatures could be created! Anything!), but I figured when I became an adult, I'd stop watching them. I'm happy to say, that never happened. But I'm even happier to say, there are adult-quality cartoons out there! Outside of anime, even!

This week's Teen Titans had me rolling on the floor. I don't remember the last time I laughed, snickered, and giggled so much at any one show. England trying to take American back! Beast Boy's reason for the Revolutionary War: "They tried to make us drink tea! Lots of tea! And english muffins suck, too!"! So many jokes and references in one ep!

And yet in the very same series: When I saw the TT ep about the characters getting older last week, I had only watched it with half of my attention. I watched it closely this week, and my god, it was so sad it made my chest hurt. Raven especially (her voice actor deserves an award!), but all of them! And how angry Starfire (Starfire!) got!

It was a good weekend for amusing cartoons: Megas XLR had me rolling with its Sailor Moon spoofing. All those hearts! And sparkles! And girly transformations! I could have kissed my TV. :)


Winter is here! Yay! Winter! Woo! It actually rained yesterday! I couldn't even keep my windows open because it was chilly out! Yay! :)

I only got about four hours sleep last night, because I was up sick in the middle of the night. Bah! As if being sick isn't bad enough, knowing you're losing hours of sleep when you only get six total at best? Even worse!

Weight loss is very, very, very odd. I'm doing all the same stuff (same amount of exercise, eating no worse, etc), and yet my weight is not changing. It's highly distressing! I spent my whole walk this morning frowning over it. All this is made worse because I'm actually hungry now! Heck, all the time! I never used to be hungry and I was losing weight, now I'm hungry and I'm not! Where's the sense in that? Bah. It's enough to make me want to give up, except that's not an option.
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