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Is it snowing yet?

Boy is it cold out! It's "up" to 61 right now, but it's been hovering around 55 all day. I had to turn the heat on when I went home for lunch! (Yes, all you people who get snow up to your ears all winter, go ahead and mock me! :) ) I'm so glad our "winter" (cold, rain) only lasts two or three months. I want the sun back!

New Final Fantasy Advent Children trailer! 4.5 minutes of yummy goodness! Warning: You can't hardly hear the sound at all (it was videotaped in a Japanese theater), but the animation is fine without it! So pretty, so realistic! It was so hard to remember those weren't real people! (Look at how well the hair is done!) Mmmmm.

Today's Tuesday, so it's Eco-Warrior day in FFXI land! I get to play taxi before it and teleport the herds of folks out to the right area. :) It only takes a couple minutes to finish, and we make 5K in money and 500-1000 XP! Very keen.

Short post, huh? :)
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