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Homeless boys: Stay off snowy bridges! (anime)

I watched last week's subbed Naruto (103) this morning, and while I really dislike this story arc, I was muchly amused to see the flashback of the village boss taking in the boy (the runner). Zabuza found Haku on what looked like the very same bridge! And it was snowing for both meetings!

So let this be a lesson to you, boys: If you're lost, starving, and alone, avoid bridges during winter at all costs! Otherwise older men will "take you in" (ha ha), use you, turn you into a tool, and twist your mind around so much that you'll like it and want to be used more!

(I'm very sad to report that I found myself falling for their horrid little trick: I'd like to see this as a Zabuza/Haku sort of situation! That was a great storyline!)

I wonder how long this sucky filler arc will last... Oh, and have I mentioned just how much I HATE HATE HATE those three bad guy ninjas? Gah!
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