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Goodies from my flist, Naruto

My flist is especially amusing this morning!

From rushlight75, a very yummy description of her last self defense class:

I don't think I've mentioned here how very interesting that class was. There's something to be said for an entire Saturday spent watching rather attractive, extremely buff male police officers acting out various rape scenarios on each other. In detail. With much sweating and grunting.

From juliansinger, a Bush joke that made me snicker into my soda:

So George W. Bush is driving the presidential tour bus to a campaign whistlestop, with Colin Powell riding shotgun.

As they approach an underpass, Powell suddenly sits up very straight and says: "Mr. President, you've got to stop! That sign says 'maximum height twelve feet', and this bus is thirteen feet tall!"

Bush shrugs and says, "I don't see any cops."


I watched Naruto 104 this morning. I love the new opening song (or at least the animation during it, I'm "eh" about the music). I worry that Naruto is getting a tad too strong with this hand-chakra thingie he does... but then, I'm not really counting this arc as much proof of anything, since it's just filter. I'm really, really disliking the whole story arc. I mean, why's it so easy for young ninja to steal stuff? First this runner guy and then Naruto? (And couldn't they have thought up a more original idea..? Though I suppose maybe it was on purpose, so Nartuo would be able to better identify with the runner whose name I'm not bothering to remember.) I wish they'd go into more of the runner's relationship with the boss.

The whole arc makes me want to go back and watch the Zabuza/Haku arc again...
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