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FFXI: Killin' NMs

Since work is kicking my ass even worse than it did yesterday, what better to do than to make a LJ post? :p

When I don't feel like fishing, I usually go to Tahrongi Canyon and farm dhalmels (Big long-necked creatures). Not only can I use both their hides and their bones, it feels good to kill something so big!

I was idly farming last night, watching TV as much as I was watching the game, when I spotted the dhalmel NM! (Notorious Monster -- a named monster, one stronger than others of its kind.) Serpopard Ishtar ! (I couldn't get a screenshot of it because he was so much bigger than me! Like twice the size of a normal dhalmel!) I jumped on him and (eventually) kicked his ass. I was very happy to see that he gave me his rare (as in least common, not rare/ex) drop (Cerulean Pendant)... at least until I looked at it. Level 18, neck, +6 to wind and +6 to light. That's it. Not even any DEF! Ha, how worthless. Its little icon is pretty though, so I put on it for the rest of my time farming. It's a silly little thing, and I'll get even less use out of it than I do the fugly Fungus Hat, but I kill NMs so rarely that I'm going to keep both of the drops! :)

Eventually my DRK will get high enough level for some real farming. When that day comes, killing tigers will probably replace fishing as my main source of income. Yay!
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