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FFXI, Lost, Naruto

Naruto: I watched 105 this morning, and while I hate this arc more with every ep, I was happy to see Ibiki in it. That man rocks my socks; he's probably my favorite adult character in the series. Poor fellow, saddled with such a useless brother! :p Hate, hate, hate the "stun gun" sword. What a stupid idea. I wish this filler arc would end!

FFXI: While checking the AH before work this morning, I sort of tumbled into a Halloween event! The GMs were out and about, "dressed up" in costume, handing out stuff! I got fireworks (and a /bow!!) from a GM dressed as a goblin! :) He didn't /bow to anyone else at all, so maybe he was impressed by my crafting clothing? Another GM (dressed as a Mandy) gave me more fireworks. :) There was only one other GM in the area (a crawler), but I wasn't near that one and got nothing from it.

There are different types of GMs? I saw GMs with "A-GM" and "L-GM" and just plain "GM" icon next to their names...

Too bad this event went on at such a sucky time for NA players! (it was about 6:45 AM PST). Maybe they'll do it again later.

Lost: I was very sorry to see that the info I was spoiled with was correct. The ep's big surprise wasn't a surprise to me, which was a very sad thing. But oh boy! Was it a great ep anyway!

The spoiler I had read (not on purpose) was that Sun could speak and understand English. I hadn't known the reason though, so at least that was a surprise.

Last night, after watching the ep, I had thought that I missed something in the ep or that the writers had expected us to assume something: It was such a hard decision for Sun to leave Jin, I thought I had missed something bigger he had done to her. Was he working too long hours? Bringing his work home with him too much? And then, when Sun had said he had a temper, I had taken her word for it and assumed that was correct.

The scene with them in the airport, the clock at 11:15, almost made me cry. It was so hard on her! And she wanted to leave him! But for some reason I hadn't known, I wanted her to stay with him. My chest hurt with wanting them to stay together, but I hadn't known why.

It wasn't till this morning while I was thinking about this in the shower that I realized why it hit me so hard: I had been wrong. He loved her, and if he had been working too long or too hard, it was for her. He never had a temper that we saw (right?). He was doing everything for her, and she was going to leave him anyway. He put himself under her father's thumb, did bad things he didn't appear to like doing, all because he loved her so much. And she was just going to leave him!

So I think that's why it hit me so hard: He loved her enough to do anything (stand up to her father and ask for her hand, then follow the father's orders and do bad things), all for her. What powerful love!

It's interesting that I started out assuming that just because she was the woman and she was crying over the relationship that she had been in the right. Today I'm questioning her (and myself!). This man, so below her in station, did everything just for her! And, as we saw in the airport, he still loved her! Or maybe there's another angle to this? Maybe she was going to leave so that then he could get out from under her father? Maybe she was doing it for him?


Locke: OH MY GOD. He is starting to scare me. He talks like he has some sort of personal connection with the Island! The whole thing with Charlie (knowing he was on drugs, then knowing where the case was). Gah!

Jack: What the heck? He's acting like there's no chance of rescue at all, and they're going to live on the Island for the rest of their lives. That's kind of... odd. Especially since they know there are monsters and insane stuff (polar bears!) out there! Very strange.

Sayid is very hot. Yes indeedy.

Spoilers are bad. Without the surprise, Lost isn't as much fun. If anyone on my flist posts Lost spoilers without LJ-cutting them, I'll have to defrend you. :)
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