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Speaking into the void...

My posts seem not to be showing up on flists, so this one may be pointless. But on the other hand, I can say what I like and no one will know! La la la la! You can't hear me! Ha ha ha!


I've been watching the exit poll numbers trickling in, and thus far things are looking good for Kerry! It's very exciting, and that feeling of utter dread in my belly is starting to ease.

It strikes me as a little odd that many people (a number of them on my own flist) haven't voted before this election. I've voted in every one I could, my "happiest voting" time was for reelecting Clinton. Boy, I wish I could have kept voting for him after his second term! I'd have loved to have him as a choice in this election! Because if he had had been a choice, I would have voted for him instead of "not Bush".

(I was thinking to myself today, even if Kerry crushed live kittens to death under his boot while eating puppy soup, I'd still have to vote for him. Heck, I'd vote for a moldy peach before I voted for Bush! Sad, isn't it? I wish I could vote for someone instead of against someone.)
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