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It's like the weekend! Only not!

I called in sick to work yesterday, and arrived back today with as many posts on my flist as I usually get after a weekend of being away. Thanks for that too, Bush! ;) (Sorry, sorry, no more politics in this post.)

Alan Rickman (playing Snape) used to be my favorite voice to listen to, but he's been replaced as my favorite voice. I was watching a rerun of Teen Titans last night, and closed my eyes and just listened to Slade's voice. And melted. Into a puddle of goo in my chair. I'd always liked Slade's voice, but I never closed my eyes and concentrated on it before. In some ways, it's a lot like Rickman's (every word carefully and perfectly pronounced), but it has no accent at all. And it has this ... malevolent "purr" under it that just makes me make all sorts of fangirly noises.

Lost: For the first time since the series started, I multitasked during an ep. That's bad and cannot be done! You need to watch and pay attention and pick up clues! I didn't enjoy the ep as much, but I fully believe it's because I didn't pay attention to the darned thing. Stupid me, I suck. I'm going to rewatch it this weekend, either off Tivo or when ABC rebroadcasts it.

FFXI: I've been working harder and harder at making money lately. And I've (AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN) decided that I cannot level leather more, not so long as I'm leveling a real job as well. How am I supposed to get the best DRK stuff if I'm dropping 500K to get 2 leather levels? There's a lot of expensive stuff I'm going to need (life belt, sniper rings), I can't keep tossing my money away on not-for-profit crafting. That sort of makes me sad (since others on the LS are advancing their crafting), but what can I do? Maybe once DRK gets higher and I can farm better I can go back to it. (Right now, farming with WHM, I make roughly 10K in an hour or two. That's not very much!) Selling teleports brings in a couple thousand a day, and I've mostly given up fishing.

I keep debating back and forth about my DRK subjob. Right now I'm using thief, for betting chances of hitting, but WAR would make for harder hits and better job abilities... But if my hits don't connect, then it doesn't matter how hard they'd hit. But if I used WAR as my subjob, I could use scythe as my weapon when I level WAR and keep scythe skilled that way. (Eventually I'll want to switch to using scythe as a DRK, so I'd like to keep it at least a little skilled up!) I really like gsword better though... Last party I gave up on switching to scythe once gsword was capped (because I hit less often and less hard with it), but I suppose that's a bad decision. I should keep carrying and using both, I suppose... I suppose once DRK gets to 30 and we get another TH from my subjob it'd be a good thing... (I had been almost fully settled on keeping thief as my sub, but the need to keep scythe leveled throws a kink into my plan. I know the DRK AF is a scythe, but do high level DRKs have to use one? Is a DRK gimped if they use a gsword at high levels?)

RL: Since I ate very salty popcorn almost non-stop yesterday, I was fully not expecting to lose any weight today... but I lost two pounds! Amazing. In five more pounds, I will have lost fifty total.
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