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OHMYGOD! Bunny's gonna kill me! {Run away!}

(FFXI-only post.)

Prompted by a suggestion from 2515049, I decided to use beastmaster to level scythe. While I haven't played BST in a coon's age, I recalled liking it a lot, so I was open to trying it. However, being lazy, I didn't move all my BST equipment from the mule and instead used my DRK stuff (and bought body armor and a "new" scythe: plant raper! Just after I sold the other one. :p ). As I was going out to level scythe and not so much to level the job, I wasn't horribly worried about death. ("Not worried" to the point of not bringing food for myself or for my pets, something I was later sorry about.)

Unfortunately, I forgot that I had stopped playing BST while in the middle of one of those "tricky" spots: Everything in LTP was EP, and everything in the Dunes was (at lowest) T+. I puttered through LTP for the remaining XP to reach level 16, then returned to try the Dunes. Most everything was still T+ to IT+, which was highly annoying.

On the plus side, there was a party camped by the zoneline, and we worked well together (or at least it worked well for me). They killed the goblins and I went after the bunnies. (I don't know if they would have killed bunnies as well if I wasn't taking them, but they said nothing.)

Even with the "help" of that party, I only had 5-6 battles in the Dunes. Charming a T+ pet is tricky as hell, and the charm doesn't last. Whenever it broke, I had two T+ mobs coming after me. While I didn't die the whole night (yay!), I zoned with under 10 HPs twice.

However, as challenging as BST is, it's also a really powerful job. As I was finishing up for the night and running through LTP to get back to Sandy, some train-farming idiot ran me over, and somehow one of his IT+ orcs switched its hate to me. (Where the heck did he find an IT+ in LTP?!) I had to run across half of LTP with it chasing me! And nothing around but EP bunnies and mandies to charm and throw at it! While the EP pets died pretty quickly, at least they kept slowing it down enough to not get within range of shooting me more than a couple times. (It used a bow.)

It's really easy to see why I loved this job so much. It's not not not not not something you can multitask during (I even kept LS turned off for most of the time), but it's so totally cool to do everything yourself! Party leader, healer, everything!

Tonight is the weekly Eco, but after that I'll probably take BST to the Canyon and see how I do there. (It's slightly lower level than the Dunes, so maybe I can get a couple levels and then have more luck returning to the Dunes.)

Oh, and I got five levels on scythe! If I can keep doing this and get it at least close to DRK cap, maybe I can try using one in the static again...
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