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Lost, RL, anime, FFXI (In that order.)

Lost: I'm not sure how many (if any) Lost fans on my flist also read fanfic, but metron_ariston sent me a link for a really outstanding (and very short) fic. It's not totally work safe, but it's not horribly work unsafe, either. (Fic contains a non-graphic handjob.) I was comfortable with reading it at work, YMMV.

sharpest_rose is one of those magical folks who can get the characters' voices so exactly right! I heard them perfectly in my head! Eee! So what're you waiting for? Go read it! Charlie just needs to ground himself, to touch someone. *toes curl*

RL: While Friday is my official weight-checking day, I usually check mid-week to make sure I'm not in for any nasty surprises on Friday. Would you believe I gained three pounds since last Friday? I can't. While I hate using the excuse, it must be water weight, it makes no sense otherwise! Other than the giant egg sandwich on Monday morning, I've not had anything different than usual! Grrrr! Body, why why why do you want to make me cry? If I throw myself off a tall building, we both lose! So stop it!

Anime: I think I'm caught up with Naruto again. I watched 106(?) -- the end of the race filler arc (thank god), and 107(?) the start of the Naruto/Sasuke fight. Sasuke is starting to beat Sakura on my "characters who annoy me" list. Could he angst and whine more? Some angsting is good, but he's way way over the top with it.

Yay! It was nice to see Shikamaru again, especially with what happened to him in 107. :D He sure is a great character. And while I feel silly saying this of an animated character, Asuma is just so hot! And cool! At the same time! I wish they'd spend more time on these more minor characters...

FFXI: Was it just last weekend I was bored and annoyed by this game? Since then, it's done nothing but eat my brain!

Eco went (as usual) very well last night, even thought we had fewer than usual people. It's so nice of gbeans to organize it for our LSs every week! I need to make the trip back to Windy tonight to pick up my 5K and see how much XP I got from it. (It's great to know I'll have 500-1000 "free" XP every week! WHM is going to continue to level with it, at least till I hit 38 and get the remaining teleports I'm missing.)

Even though I know I don't have to rush it, I feel driven to get my cash up to where it had been before I bought my sniper's ring yesterday. (Posted about that and future purchases here.) I wish I could level DRK faster so I could wear the rings sooner! :} I really, really want my AF as well, though I know that's even further off. Sigh! It's hard to only level once a week!

Tonight 2515049 is organizing a ruby hunt for those of us on the LS who need one. While I'm not terribly interested in playing a summoner, I do want to open all the advanced jobs, so I'm looking forward to going. (I'm just hoping that I'll have better lotting luck than I did with those damned, damned sand charms! One day I WILL go back and try that again! And I got the stacks of dark bass to prove it!)
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