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Not very sneaky now, are you! (And Thanksgiving!)

I couldn't go walking this morning, but I had a good excuse! My sneaker broke! Know how the lace weaves in through those hole thingies? Well the holes (yes, holes, not just one!) ripped through so the laces had nothing to weave in so I can't hardly tie them at all! One shoe is tied after weaving only twice, so less than half as high as it usually is. (Does that description make sense at all?) It feels like it's falling off! Blech! So I did weights this morning and will walk tomorrow, plus I have to go buy a new pair today. (Which I think I might have needed anyway, since I'm getting an odd pain in the sole of my other foot.)

The weekend was very, very uneventful. I spent about 12 hours on both Saturday and Sunday fishing (on FFXI). x.x Braindead, boring stuff! But it gave me the chance to watch a ton of TV. Though sadly, not much was on, especially on Sunday! Stupid Food Network is starting in on all the Thanksgiving specials, which leaves me with nothing to watch. (No, I don't want to see a giant bird being stuffed into your oven and then carved up. How do people eat things that are still animal-shaped? At least you can't see that a burger used to be a cow, but the idea of eating a drumstick, when you can't hide the fact that it was a leg? *squick*)

Last Thanksgiving I had pizza, but this year I'm thinking about making something else. (Actually cooking!) I saw an interesting looking... um. I forgot what it's called. Rolled pasta filled with cheese. On a cooking show. They made it with eggroll wrappers, so it was fast and easy! I might try that. (Place wrapper flat, put a line of cheese down, then roll it into a tube and put it into a pan with sauce, then cover with cheese and bake.) I just need to see if I can hunt down the details on how to do it.

I watched Prince of Tennis #... um. 130-something. The stupid 'Greatest Sushi Chef in all of Japan!' one. I tell you, I'm about ready to give up on the series. I don't like watching the tennis, and I don't really like watching the non-tennis. What's left?

Megas! I wish I had been able to watch the ep this weekend with more than half my attention! Looked like a nod to Voltron? Or was it to all of those early cartoons? Looked funny as heck, but I missed it all! Why wasn't there a new Teen Titans this week? Grrr. At least it was an outstanding rerun (ymmmy Slade).

I had a nightmare last night. In it my mother (who was riding a horse) said that she had heard that Draque (the player) killed himself. (!!!!!!!) So I ran to my computer to try to get onto FFXI to see if I could find Aurian or Ead to see if it was true or not, but my computer kept doing scan disks and security updates and other things and I couldn't even get to my desktop! So see, Draque! You better never kill yourself or my computer will become useless! ;)
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