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Life/day update

I haven't killed myself, and work is going somewhat better than I would have hoped, so yay.

Whoever mentioned Neopets on my flist? You're gonna die. :) I had never checked it out before, so yesterday I went to see what was so interesting about it, and somehow I got hooked. It's so silly! But the same thing that gets me about FFXI got me in Neopets: There's stuff to earn! There's stuff to do! The more you do, the more you earn! And oh no! Some people have more than me so I have to do more and get more! (This is me! Aren't I cute as a button? Eh, or maybe it's my pet and not me, I'm not really sure how all this works yet. And no, there was no ThistleBori or ThistleBori1, I just messed up somehow while setting things up.)

...damned work. Thus ends this post! Except one last thing:

Sniper's rings are up to 1.1 million now. I hate SE and FFXI.
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