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Lost rec n' stuff.

Need a little Lost pick-me-up on a Friday afternoon? Then check out The Curse of the Would-be Jedi by hackthis. A perfect little Lost fic, from Hurley's oh-so-geeky and keen POV. (The author wrote "Hurley/Jack; Hurley/Charlie", which made me think it was slash, but it's gen. No slash in it at all, which is perfectly fine and dandy and doesn't take away from the story at all.) Very touching and keen and somehow it made me like him even more. :)


For those keeping minute-to-minute track of my dealings with FFXI (heehee), I was back to having fun last night. It's the oddest thing that you can have fun while doing "nothing" on the game. (I spent most of the night crafting (NOT for skill!), and helping others with little things.) I farmed rabbits for maybe a half-hour to get some hides, and spent almost 100K on anima (that darned stuff is expensive!).

However, I haven't "recovered" yet. This morning I lost 50K on a failed synth (which I should NOT have failed), and that "GRRR! I'm quitting this damned game RIGHT NOW!" flooded up into my chest). Maybe it's not "recovering" so much as "forgiving" the damned game for being set up for me to fail as a crafter... I don't know. I think "damned game" is my new name for it though, it's the first thing I use in my head, even before "FFXI".


It's very, very, very hard to get job-work done with Neopets around. I got my lot approved (in Tyrannia! Yay! I get to live by the giant omelette!), and I put a garden on the ground floor, then by mistake I ordered a room on the ground floor as well. I hope it doesn't kill my garden! It won't be finished for four hours, so I won't know till Monday what happened. (Unless I check in over the weekend, which I'm not intending to do, but I might anyway.)

There are a couple of games I'm not bad at (mostly because they're similar to other java-based games I've played online), so money isn't too bad. Well, at least it seems not bad to me, I'm sure people who have been playing a long time have scads more than me. :) But it's all fine and dandy! I'm having lots of fun making it.
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