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I amuse myself. Heh heh heh.

Since it's torturing people, I decided to do this meme, too. The one about writing stuff about your your flist, but not saying who the comments are about.

1) You're a pretty darned good RPer, and I even tell that to you to your face when you beg me to.
2) You like puppies. A lot.
3) You have a sucky dragon on that Pern MUSH place... or so others tell me.
4) I don't think you like girls, I really don't.
5) I know a secret about you, but I'll never tell!
6) I like scaring you. It makes me giggle.
7) I still can't believe that you played football, even though I saw photo evidence. It just doesn't fit you!
8) You still owe me free popcorn from your movie theater, dude. I haven't forgotten and one day I WILL collect.
9) One day you'll admit (at least to yourself) that Katerwauls are much, much better than Growlithes.
10) I don't think any one of your characters can count to ten, so I'm leaving this point out.

Ha ha ha! This was fun. :)
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