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Offer to evilgrayson:

Read my LJ posts about the gang SA from today in order, otherwise this one will likely make even less sense than it probably already does. :p

After my last post, I had many many Ideas of the GMly/RPly type. This is just an offer and you're totally free to turn it down, but would you be interested in playing the Grayson from PokeMUSH again? Just the two of us (other than maybe a walk-on role by the other PC Rockets, if they wanted to maybe sometime).

It'd be sort of a continuation of the whole Jesse's gang thing.

If for any reason you don't want to, feel totally free to say no. Also, I don't know how our hours will match up anymore, what with you no longer having to work shifts.

If you are interested, give me an idea of your hours? I'm still PST, I think you're 8 hours ahead of me? The MUSH is even still up, so we could use it and all.

And I hope I'm not totally crazy to try this. :)

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