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Life is good when you have the day off!

Thanksgiving update:

I made baked ziti instead, and while it didn't come out well, I wasn't hungry much at all yesterday, so it all worked out.

This morning was the official day to check my weight... on Thanksgiving week... and I lost five pounds. Not bad, huh?

The issue with that MUSH I was applying to got straightened out. (The staffer made a big mistake and sent me @mail saying so. Luckily I had logged back on and saw it, so it's all fine now.)

I played a little FFXI today, but I keep running up against the "eh, I have nothing to do here" issue. I farmed a little, just for the fun of killing things. At least I don't hate it though! (It's so pretty to look at! And the music is so great!)

I have many, many plots and plans for a certain RP idea running around in my head. If it ends up in use, I hope it makes sense and isn't insane. (Could I be any more cryptic about this? ;) )

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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