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Trader Joe's Scares Me, and: My Cat is a Druggie

Wow. I had never been in a Trader Joe's before. (For those not in this area, they're a California only(??) grocery store. Sort of. Read on!) People had mentioned going there before, and I saw ads now and then from them, and since I was near one I thought I'd check them out. Aie! Looks like they're staffed by homeless hippies! And they sell such odd stuff!

I bought some milk (because it seemed normal, I hope it's not soy or goat or people milk or something) and a package of nuts. Such odd, odd stuff in there! Between the hippie staff and all the soy stuff and the "natural" products... it's so totally stereotypical California.

What brought me into that area was needing to go to the pet store. I had to pick up special food for Miss Kitty, and while there I got her a catnip toy. (She very rarely gets catnip because she overdosed on it when she was very young and nearly died. It was one of her too many near-death events. I think she's down to her last life.) She's quite happily stoned at the moment, her face covered in drool, the rug around her head soggy. It's amusing to watch her eyes sort of wander around the room, not really focusing on anything.

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