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My god. And under "Reasons to check things BEFORE you eat them":

I didn't eat much of anything yesterday, so around noon today I was starving. I don't like Pizza Hut and I almost never order from them, but it was cold and I didn't want to go out, so I did. I tried to be "reasonable" in what I ordered: A personal pan pizza and an order (6 pieces) of breadsticks. Unfortunately that didn't meet the minimum for delivery, so I added another order of breadsticks (figuring I'd eat them for dinner tonight or tomorrow or something.)

I ate the personal pizza and one order of breadsticks for lunch, and the second order for dinner just now. Once finished, I wondered what the calories of this stuff would work out to, so I wandered over to to check.

One single breadstick has 270 calories and 12% of the fat you should have in a day.

My god. 3880 calories for the two orders of breadsticks and the personal pizza. 283% of the sodium you should have in a day. 181% of the fat. I could pull my hair out. 3880 calories! For "food" that tastes like crap! (I try to stick to under 1200 calories a day, so I've eaten more than two day's worth... almost three day's of calories.) I could cry.

I had intended to include "how can companies get away with selling such horrible-for-you food like this", but this is my own fault. I should have checked FIRST.

270 calories in one single breadstick. I try to keep my MEALS to 300-400 calories. I swear, I will never, ever, ever go to Pizza Hut again.
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