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Yes, another post! Sorry!

Yeah, I know. I'm spammy tonight! This one will be cut though. (Cut, ha ha! No joke intended.)


I wanted to read a log or two before bed, and this one was the one I was up to. Cole was a bad guy within the bad guys (a Rocket trying for power for himself). Grayson (and so indirectly Sly as well) got permission to kill him. But what good is just plain outright killing the poor fellow?

Log notes: 1) "Hunter" was the name of a special "security" group within the Rockets. 2) Sly is mute, single quotes indicate sign language. 3) Grayson's first pose had its dialogue edited out (to remove a bit of personal character information from this public display). 4) These poses were written more than three years ago, and both of us have greatly improved in writing since then.

[Log quote starts. Sly is using a knife on the bound Cole.]

Eventually it gets to be more of a challenge to get a reply from Cole. Sly tries the tricks he learned, but is rewarded with little more than shudders and whimpers. The reason this room is tile is clear: Cole's blood stains the floor and marks the walls, the redness under the chair inching ever outward. The younger Hunter steps back as even the whimpers end. Cole's eyes are open, but he's unresponsive, nearly doubled over in the chair. Sly looks to his partner, giving Cole over to him.

Grayson smiles, eyes narrow, and steps forwards, bringing himself directly under the light, lending a skull-like aspect to his angular features. His right hand reaches for the hidden knife, bringing it gleaming into the light. With a poisonous, reptilian smile of cruel anticipation, the old Rocket steps forwards once more, cane clattering to one side as he reaches with his left hand to push Cole's forehead back and expose his throat to Grayson's steel.

There's no resistance to Grayson's push, other than Cole's weight. Slashed face exposed to the light, he looks at the man through thick, red curtains of pain. There's not total comprehension in his eyes, but he appears to get the important parts: He lost, Grayson is going to kill him, and it's payback. He tries to swallow, no tears left to be cried. Sly watches with eager eyes, waiting for his partner's final strike.

Grayson delays a moment longer, making sure Cole understands that much at least and enjoying the expression on the man's bloodied face, and then sends the knife slicing in, swiftly, ending it all with one snake-swift and impeccably-aimed strike across Cole's throat, holding the man's head up to watch the last light fade from his eyes, the last breath shudder in his chest.

Cole shudders as he dies, Sly stepping closer for a better view of it. Blood is pumped from the wound, but weakens quickly. Life dulls in his eyes, then flickers out. The younger Rocket lowers his blade to his side and nods, satisfied.

Grayson releases Cole's head, dipping his finger in the blood at Cole's throat and writing 'R' on the man's forehead. The old Rocket steps back, looks at his handiwork, and smiles. "I needed that," he murmurs, leaning down to retrieve his cane, then standing again and turning his back on the corpse. He grins at Sly. "Hungry?"

Sly grins at the question. When is he ever not hungry? And they've been in here forever, too. 'Burgers?' he signs, stepping across the blood to get his shirt and Grayson's coat. Cole's body isn't given a second look. The teen offers Grayson his stuff back before pulling his shirt on.

[Quote ends.]

I think I now see why other people on the MUSH called Grayson and Sly insane. :p And should it worry me that it bothered me to see that at the time this log was made, I didn't know the right way a body would react to having its hamstrings cut? Or that I now know?

The Sly logs are getting more interesting. Hee.
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