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Tail end of the weekend

I've only been back to MUSHing for such a short time, and already I feel twitchy if I go a day without RPing! How odd is that? *twitch*twitch* Yes, no RP yet today.

FFXI: Though our partying time was short, it went really well. (Well, other than two deaths... poor Nim and Boose.) I had forgotten that there was actually fun to be had in the game! I love playing a DRK so so so much. Dark Knights are a great melee class, plus they get oodles of dark magic to cast! It's so keen, and as our party lacks a BLM, I think it's hopefully helpful, too. I wish I didn't have to use my scythe (it's so underleveled that it's a challenge to hit with, and even when I connect it doesn't hit hard), but I still love my great sword (Hits hard! Hits often!). But if I ever get scythe close to being capped, it'll make for a better weapon than my gsword.

I'm semi-pondering making some switches with the job: Either 1) Subbing warrior instead of thief. DRKs /THF for the DEX and such bonuses, but I have so many bonuses on my armor and weapons, I wonder if the /WAR strength bonuses (and job abilities) might be worth more... And 2) Switching out at least a little of my +DEX stuff for +STR stuff. Even though I'm (usually) landing my hits, half the darned party out-damages me! The ranger and at least one of the two monks do (I know Ead does, but for some reason I never see Nim's damage outputs). All issues of job-pride aside, my weapons are slow because they're supposed to hit hard. If I'm not hitting hard, then what's the point?


Since all the cool PokeMUSH people are doing it:

Professional Assassin
PROFESSIONAL ASSASSIN: You're a pro. A soldier of
death. You have a job to do, and you do it.
Killing is your business, and business is good.

Which Type of Assassin Are You? (With Anime pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

I can't really say that fits me, but I don't think any of them do. However, if for some reason I was going to be an assassin, I suppose that'd be the kind I would be. But really, "assassin" really isn't on my list of jobs I'd like to try someday...
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