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Oops, I forgot to post yesterday, didn't I? I try to post once a day, otherwise I'll keep forgetting then go weeks without a post! Then weeks would become months and months years and then I'd just fall off the edge of the Earth!

Over the weekend I watched some anime. One ep of Whistle! and some FMA. I had forgotten how much I loved Whistle!. The art is very simple, but the storyline is so sweet! I wish I had time to rewatch the whole series, but I had to make due with just a couple eps. I watched both some subbed and some dubbed Fullmetal Alchemist. I started with the subbed because I was looking for a bit of music from it -- I didn't find the music, but I got sucked into that ep that was all about Mustang! :D Gods, I love that man. Then I caught up on the dubbed eps that Tivo had recorded. Sigh! I found that the voices were sort of... not making me twitch as much. I didn't like the English voices, but I no longer wanted to kick my TV till the pain stopped. (Other than Al's voice, which I love more than the Japanese version.)

RP! RP! RP! Eee! I got two scenes yesterday! Not even just one! One was serious/near deadly (but still OOCly oodles of fun!) and the other one was amusing/lighter. My character is a kinfolk (related to werewolves but with zero extra powers -- a normal human with a werewolf for an uncle), and he's not the most brave of guys, so he tends to freak out whenever the werewolf folks are around. For some odd reason, this amuses them muchly. :) They like to keep poor Jack around and make him twitch and tremble. Heehee. So after two days of harassment by the Garou (werewolves), Jack runs into a punk teen, but of course he assumes off the bat that it's another Garou here to make him pee his pants. But eventually they got things straightened out, which lead to a more casual and less panicked RP last night. :)

Denver's IC time is not 1:1 with RL time, which at first seemed odd to me. It's grown on me though, and now I think I like it. Yesterday was the Fourth of July!


Computer crashing, posting this as is. Not edited or spellchecked. Sorry! Hope it all makes sense.
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