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The most quiet birthday ever! (And a question for people who know about WoD Garou foo.)

I think yesterday was the most quiet birthday I've ever experienced. Must be because I'm so so so so old now! Older than the hills! Older than dirt! Yes, very very old.

Work was just awful and of course I had no sleep at all for the three nights before it, plus I had a headache the entire day. Those things added up to me wanting to do nothing but hide under my bed. I had been planning on going out and getting at least a good lunch or dinner, but I wasn't up to even that. So instead I stayed home and had noodles! Luckily they were yummy, and my time alone was what I needed. So yay for quiet birthdays!

I mostly puttered around, when not hiding. I played a tiny bit of FFXI, but not much since it took nearly two hours to upgrade/patch the damned thing. RPed a casual scene on the MUSH (eh, MUX, one day I'll stop calling it a MUSH), which was fun but made me worry I was perhaps doing something wrong/had an incorrect understanding of the theme.

To anyone who knows Garou stuff, am I handling this in a fair/IC way?

I play a kinfolk, lowish WP (3), not the most brave fellow in general, etc. Of late, garou have been having a good time making him jumpy and keeping him on edge. It amuses them to watch him twitch and babble and such. Lately, non-garou have picked up on his jumpiness and have been doing the same thing: Scaring him to watch him react.

Now here's where my question comes in: After someone scares him, once he ICly settles down a little, I pose him pausing. Though not easily seen in the pose, I have him trying to figure out what he's really feeling from that person. Seeing if he picks up on that "OMG! I have to get away NOW NOW NOW!" sort of thing that comes from garou/curse, or if it's just a normal scare.

So is that valid? He knows somewhat what the curse is, so is it fair to use that as a kind of "garou detector"? If it's a non-garou, he'll then usually settle down and be more like his old easygoing self, but if it's a garou then I keep him on edge and skittish.

I'm just worried I'm unfairly picking up more IC knowledge than I should be.
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