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Look at all the new items added in with yesterday's update. Who knows when they'll become available though.

Looks like there's going to be some really new stuff:

Rabbit Belt 1 0 Rare/Ex
Enchantment: Costume

Costume? Costume? What the heck is that?

Plus a lot more chargeable things, like rings to teleport you to the various crags. (I wonder if they'll be crafter-made or available through some event, like the upcoming Christmas thingie?)

Looks like there will be more stuff for mog houses, including the holiday trees (...yay...).

Also: Info on the GB6 quest items. (Near the bottom of the page.)

I'm still hunting for details about food-changes. If anyone finds out about Jacks, please let me know. As soon as Fishingbot is free of the darned things, he'll be going bye-bye. *sniffle* He's my favorite mule, but he's in Sandy; if I'm keeping only one mule, it needs to not be in Sandy.
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