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House of Sand and Fog

Silly me, having thought work could get no worse than it was. Work without a computer is much, much worse. On the plus side, I remembered to bring a book! So I spent nine hours reading. Just reading, nothing else. I love reading, but that was a little hard on the eyes. As of leaving time today, my computer is no better than it's been the last two days. Sigh. SIGH! I bet I'll have no computer tomorrow, either. I'm gonna need another book.

On the plus side, I'm reading the best book I've read in a long while. House of Sand and Fog (Amazon link). I fell into the book in a rather backwards way: I saw (and was amazed by) the movie, so hunted down the book. Happily, the book is even better, plus I get to picture the characters with the actors' faces. (IMDB/movie link.) How come I never knew Ben Kingsley was a sexy fellow before I saw this movie? Heck, I don't recall seeing him in any other movie, period! I must have been under a rock or something.

Anyway the book (which is a National book Award finalist) at first seemed a little odd -- it told the story in the first person, from two different characters. That really worked though, and drew me right in. It's funny that the writer is male; one of the two characters is female, and he has the character so right that I figured he had to be a woman! (Because people can only write their own sex well? Ha, silly me.)

However it's the third main character that has grabbed my interest the most: The flawed cop. Why in the world is an imperfect cop such an interesting character to me? (Stop snickering, evilgrayson. :) ) Maybe because I don't see them as "people" in RL? (When I see a cop, I don't think "person", I think "cop" -- a whole different species. More watchful, prepared, ready, more perfect, a better decision maker. Someone who is faster and more ready to do what it takes, no matter what it is. Not just when they're on the clock, but their whole lives, 24/7.) So maybe I'm interested in seeing that they are real people, too? (No offense intended at all, jakflak.)

It's a very character-driven story, so if you're looking for something like that, you should check it out. I suspect the ending will be highly sad (if it follows the movie's lead), but it'll be worth it. It's just so well written (the characters have such clear voices!).

Oh, one last little bit about it: It's set right here, in my part of California! My own town is even mentioned! :) And all the bridges, all the other towns, the roads, it's so cool to have them be driving down some highway I was on!


With my utter lack of online time from work, my evenings are less relaxing. I'm seriously begrudging needing to be on FFXI so much, when I need to fit all my other online stuff into these few hours as well. (I had to be on 2.5 hours tonight for a 30 minute event! Travel time just takes that long sometimes.) My time put into Neopets has been cut down to the bare bones, and I'm only checking LF flist once a day. Bah. My email only gets two or three checks a day! And don't ask me how little time I've been on the MUX... Once I get my computer back at work, things will be a little better.

I'm just happy this is temporary!

Edit: Here's a copy of the trailer for House of Sand and Fog!
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