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So cold, so very cold

This morning outside: It's cold enough to see my breath! Brrr!
This morning inside: The air conditioner is on high enough to make the papers on my wall flutter. Brrr brrr brrr!

Insanity. Why can't we have a warm day here? Why do I have to be cold while sitting in my coat?


I guess it doesn't help that I got only 1.5 hours of sleep last night. Excuse me while I fall over dead. While I try very hard to avoid using caffeine to wake me up/keep me up, I started my morning with a protein bar and a Diet Coke. Soon after I felt okay enough to actually get ready to go to work. (Exercising was so out of the question it was almost funny.)

I think my eating has actually gotten worse, which I almost thought wasn't possible. I need to make more efforts with that.

I love this icon so much. :) I'll be sorry when Christmas is over and I have to switch it out!


FFXI: I <3 my new great sword! Hellfire Sword! With it I'm actually being a "real" DRK! (No, not missing on every swing. Shut up, Aurian. :) ) Even on non-critical hits, I was doing double damage of other folks. <3 <3 <3 Finally, I was useful! And (though rare) sometimes my crit hits borrowed hate for a moment! :) Heehee.

On the scythe end of things, I'm still using Cruel Scythe. While I like the "impairs evasion" effect, it's now almost 10 levels under me, so I'll probably be upgrading it before we party next. (But even 10 levels below me, I'm not unhappy with its damage.)

Even better than those two things, I'm not unhappy with how often my hits land. I think the jack o'lanterns make a big, big difference (the +10 acc on them). I can't wait to hit 40 so I can wear my two sniper's and still eat jacks! (+20 acc, baby! And I already have like +14 dex -- 2 dex = 1 acc, so that's like +7 acc there! So at 40, I'll be +27 acc! Eee!)

Wow, at least I wasn't cold for the short time I was babbling about FFXI. :p
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