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This may be my last Neopets-related post ever!

I had about 500K saved, and decided to go for the secret lab map/ray gun thingie, but I was still about 150K short, so I sold everything I owned (including eight pieces of other treasure maps), and played a ton of games, and finally had just barely enough (I had under 100 NP left after buying it).

I went to the map page, it acknowledged that I had all nine pieces and told me to click the Find The Treasure button. I did... and the site timed out! When I went back and tried again, it told me I had no pieces! And I didn't. I checked my inventory, and I had no other prizes (I heard you got stuff in addition to access to the lab), and I checked the lab and couldn't get in (it said I needed the map, ha ha...).

I filed a support email, but this is a free site. What are the chances that anyone will actually read it, do something, and/or reply?
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