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As time grows short, I work faster...

For some reason, Sunday night is my most productive time of the week. It's now 10:15, 45 minutes till I must log off and start getting my brain ready to sleep, but I'm getting so many things finished.

The MUSH's site will open a new section soon, and I made a number of new graphics tonight. Keen stuff, I can't wait to open it all to the "public" (players). Did a lot of background work on all that, too.

Funny, but there's so much MUSH work that people don't even know about, let alone know that someone works to get it done. Logistics, follow-up to make sure other staffers get stuff done in a timely way, and just way too much clerical work. (Do other MUSHes keep detailed records of things? I have numbers and figures on work per staffer per week going back three years (to the time I took over as head wiz). It's handy, but it's work to maintain it all.)

I'll be GMing on Friday, which is an uncommon (but fun!) thing. I wish it wasn't on a work night, but we have other ONSes set up for Saturday, and Sunday I didn't want to run a scene because that's when I do all my other MUSH work (and housework!).

Anyway, too much to do, too little time. *zoom!*
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