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Yay day off!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate such things.
Happy Holidays to those who celebrate other things.
And yay happy day off to the rest of us!

Woo! :)

Okay, it's only one day off, a three-day weekend, but I swear I feel like I'm on vacation. I slept well and mega-deeply last night (I moved so little that my cat slept under the covers with me all night, instead of leaving when I got too restless), and while I didn't stay asleep quite eight hours, I feel totally rested!

Yesterday I had sort of planned on going out today and getting some food (perhaps grocery shopping a little), but the idea of venturing out on Christmas Eve now no longer seems like a good idea. The grocery store will be insane! I don't mind parking far and walking (that's much better than fighting for a close spot, at least to me), but inside there would be crowds and long lines and such.

I leveled Summoner a little in FFXI last night, and it was surprisingly keen. Sort of like Beastmaster, but without the stress. (So long as you have MP, you're never without a pet -- and unlike a real pet, this one will never turn on you!) Today I have to go out to the Dunes and level thief. *sob* For non-players: Finding a party of random strangers in the Dunes is a pretty darned bad thing. The Dunes are where people usually party for the first time, thus you get people who know nothing acting like they know everything. Plus the whole "random stranger" thing means the people you have to work with likely (at best) cannot type, "LOL" all over the place, and worse. In my experiences thus far, it's been uber-stressful and not fun at all. But I need the job leveled (because it goes with my main job), so I have little choice. Oh well! Hopefully there will be lots of people playing today, so at least maybe I'll get a party there. :)
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