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I'm probably insane (FFXI-only post)

Talking to the folks of TheCraft LS has helped me start to get over my grumpiness/burnout when it comes to crafting... and it's also finally forced me to acknowledge something else: Leathercraft is really a support craft, not a main craft. (How sad is it that I'm finally seeing that now?) So you should be a clothcrafter with leather second, or woodworking with secondary leather. Bah.

So I suppose I'm going to level clothcrafting further. It's about 30 now, and I'd like to take it to about 58. (If I have both it and leather 30 levels above the caps, I should be able to HQ the noct line without much trouble. That should be profitable, right?)

It's so hard to decide on all this stuff without access to AH prices. If SE would only make a web interface for the AH, I'd love them endlessly.

Bah. In some ways I'm excited about this, but such a big part of me is saying "You fool! Getting back into crafting? It will just make you poor and stressed! You know better than to level it more! Stop thinking about this right now!". But it's leathercrafting that is so insane in the higher levels, and I don't even want to take clothcrafting that high! And plus, this would give me something to do in the game... (I made a list of stuff I need to farm! And I'm excited to go do it!)

So I suppose I'll go back to leveling just cloth, but I will not go insane with it. I want to leave plenty of money to fund DRK with. That comes first, not chasing after the white rabbit of "profit through crafting".

Oh man, I really am so crazy to be thinking about doing this...
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