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Food makes everything better!

I've been a little stress-puppy all week. That's really odd in that work-wise this is the best week of the year (most people are at home, most offices are closed, so I don't have much to do). But getting under 5 hours of sleep a night since Sunday and eating worse than usual and FFXI needing more time than I want to give it has added up.

Yesterday started poorly: I had ran out of oatmeal here at work, and forgot to bring more in. So I had no breakfast. So I ate some peanuts. At lunchtime I noticed I was low on gas, so filled up my car and got a carwash... which left next to no time for food. Had a little microwaved pasta (plain, no sauce/cheese). I needed to log on and be active on FFXI the second I got home from work, so dinner was a bit of popcorn. Understandably, when I woke up this morning, my cat was glaring at me for having gnawed on her durning the night. (Okay, I'm stretching the truth a little there.) So I went and got one of those giant egg sandwiches this morning, and I feel like a new person! Good! Happy! Still really sleepy, but full! Sometimes I think being full is the best feeling in the world.

Totally related to that, weight is becoming a worrisome issue. I'm still not walking (too darned cold) and still haven't replaced it with some other aerobic exercise. (I lift weights three times a week, but that's not a replacement for walking.) Three weeks ago I gained two pounds (whimper), and for the last two weeks I stayed the same weight. That perfectly synchs up with my having stopped walking. So either I need to eat less or get my butt back out and walking again! Or something!

(Mmm, full of eggy goodness. My belly is all warm and full and happy!)

FFXI is insanely busy, but I'm having fun with it. It's taking more time than I want to give it, but since I'm having fun, I'm trying not to stress it. I cannot believe how firmly my mind has latched back on to crafting. It was late when I finally was able to log off last night, but all I wanted to do was log back on and craft! Where in the world does this drive in me come from? Oh, right: Insanity!

On the MUSH front, I RPed yesterday! It's sort of funny: When someone asks me to RP, I quasi-panic. "Oh no! It'll be hard! My poses will suck! This person will hate me! I can't do it!" but then once I accept the offer and the scene starts, nice long poses just happen! And it's fun! It's odd to be so skittish about RP though, especially when I used to do it so much...

Happy almost Friday, everyone!
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