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Lots of little things:

1) My email is currently down. I'm not getting: LJ comments, requests to join that new LJ comm (Post_P...), any email at all. Sorry for the delay, especially on the comm thing. I have lots of ideas for stuff related to it.

2) Work is Too Darned Busy! Silly work, don't you know I need this time to keep up with LJ and such? Shoo, customers! Shoo! Leave me alone!

3) LJ being sold. Meh. I should probably be more worried about that than I am, but what's the point? What would my worrying do? I just need to make a backup of my LJ (I've not made one in a year or so), then I'll just stop thinking about this whole issue. Companies are bought and sold in the tech industry all the time, and they always say "this is for the best! Nothing but good for both sides will come out of this!". I heard that before getting laid off, and I'm sure I'll hear the same BS again in the future. It's the nature of this industry.

4) There was a new Lost on last night! And I hadn't had any idea. Tivo gave a pop-up message saying it was about to change my channel, and I almost told it no because I didn't want to have to delete another rerun. Heh. Good ep, too! But boy is that show starting to feel so much like The Stand. Very oddly, I enjoyed Rose's religiousness. (Rose? That's her name, right? The black woman.) Usually I (at best) twitch at a character being religious, but hers was nice. I really like her character a whole lot. Oh, and I know what I'd like for Christmas next year: A naked Sawyer. MMMMMMMMMM. (And Kate so wants him... and needs smaller underwear. No, really, her panties were so large! Grandma-panties!)

5) FFXI: I need about .8 more in clothcraft, then I'll be set to (hopefully) start HQing the Noct line of armor on Sunday (new moon). Since I'm in the "30-50 levels above cap" area, I need to find out what day I should be crafting on for HQing. I'll be using earth crystals, so I need the day which is strong to that, I think. (Grrr grrr silly day-being-important. Next thing you know, I'll be having to face some direction and chant my mother's age over and over!) I hope I have at least some luck at this. I've gathered a ton of raw materials so I can make many attempts. (Need to make more linen thread/cloth before Sunday and to get the last .8 level I need in cloth. Must do that tonight, I suppose. Hope I can get my hands on enough silk...)

6) I suppose I need to change my default icon soon. Sniffle! I like this one so much. It's so silly!
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